Ashley Merrill

Honeymark product review

I was able to do a review for Honeymark. This company makes the highest quality Manuka Honey products available. Honeymark products have great benefits including: 

-Made with active Manuka honey fron New Zealand

-Paraben Free

-Produced using all-natural ingredients

-Free of artificail coloring

-Free of synthetic fragrances

-Free of genetically modified organisms

-Free of mineral oils

-Free of artificial preservatives

-Cruelty free, no animal testing! 

I tried the Manuka Honey, it is much thicker than your average honey and has a flowery fragrance to it. This honey is great for diabetics and is very heatlhy. The taste is different, It wasn’t bad but I prefer regular honey better. Overall a great product. 

My favorite product that i reviewed was the manuka honey liquid hand soap. I have never tried a soap product with honey in it and I loved this, it left my hands feeling really soft. 

I was also able to review this manuka beeswax candle, I am a person that is always buying candles and I constantly have them lit so this was a great little bonus. 

Product rating: 6/10

customer service rating: 6/10